For Katy Perry, Johnny Lewis Was the One Who Got Away

katy perryThe strange, tragic story of "Sons of Anarchy" star Johnny Lewis just took an unexpected turn. Katy Perry is said to be "devastated" over his death. It turns out they used to be a couple back in 2005-2006, or as I call it, about 3 B.R.B. (before Russell Brand -- almost ancient history).

According to a source, Johnny was the irresistibly fun bad boy Katy ultimately had to leave for her own good. "She had to separate from him... to get ahead and focus on her career. He was trouble then and she couldn't help him. A lot of her songs were partially inspired by him." Like? "The One That Got Away," of course. There's a Johnny Lewis in just about every woman's past, isn't there?


Good for Katy for recognizing a potentially destructive relationship. Not so many women are as lucky. You know the type -- he's fun and charismatic. He has his dark side, he's troubled, and that's part of the appeal. You get seduced, you think maybe you can help him, or you think you'll be a good influence. But it rarely turns out that way.

It takes a strong sense of self and determination to resist. Katy was still on the make, not the huge success she is now. But she had a vision and she was not about to blow her career over a relationship that threatened to suck up all her energy and focus.

Is Katy looking back now, with nagging doubts about how she might have helped Johnny from his self-destructive path? I hope not. While she mourns her ex-boyfriend's death I bet a small part of her is actually relieved she had the good sense to let Johnny be the one who got away.

Have you ever dated a bad boy -- and managed to finally get away to save yourself?


Image via oouinouin/Flickr


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