Robert Pattinson's Latest Demand Has Kristen Stewart Giving It All Up

It's that time again, folks! Dah-duh-dun-dun-duuuuun! Time for another episode of the Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Show! We've heard that Rob agreed to take back Kristen because she just made out with Rupert Sanders and never, you know, did the nasty. And there was all of that stuff about Kristen being in therapy, Kristen considering a Rob tattoo, and Rob demanding that Kristen marry him. We're all heard so much, we actually know every single thought Rob has about Kristen. No joke! We do! (Read them there, people, if you don't believe me.)

The latest comes from RadarOnline. But it really comes from me. I've been saying for weeks that if Kristen really wants her ex back, she may have to cough up her passwords. And she obviously read that and agreed with me, because rumor has it she has indeed given over her PWs to her voice mail and email. And now everything's fiiiiiiiine. Bwahaha! Of course it's not, this is just the beginning of HELL ON EARTH.


As I've written before, I think when the trust has been broken, giving over passwords isn't a bad idea, as far as ideas go. Some couples just like to share passwords for various reasons. My ex and I did this. It's how I discovered he'd been cheating. Yes, people can be that stupid. Here's my password! Oh, wait, you saw that?! However, as I've written before, if exchanging passwords makes two people feel more secure, then why not?

HOWEVER. If you're doing it as an ultimatum to taking someone back, then it begs some questions. Such as:

- Are you going to trust you have all of them? It's pretty easy for someone to get a secret cell phone or open up another email account that you don't know about. Are you now gonna be all, Is that youuuuuuuurrrrr Yahoo account?!!

- When does this end? Is there a finite amount of time that you get to check someone's phone and emails or is this for, like, ever? Might want to suss that out before embarking on the old password handout.

- How do you reverse it? Say you decide that you're tired of having your S.O. read all your gossipy emails to friends, how do you bring up the fact that you want your privacy back without him getting all wackadoodle?

- Is this mutual? Granted, it was Kristen who cheated. Or maybe she's just the one who got caught. Should Rob cough his up too? Just to be, you know, fair.

All kinds of other weird stuff could pop up here. What if someone who doesn't like Kristen sends a fake email to her pretending to be Rupert ("Yo, Krissy, babes, it's me, Rups ... we in the clear?" ) knowing Rob will read it? Gosh, this is all so mind bogglingly confusing. Anyway, here's hopin' the passwords (plus the therapy, the tattoo, and the marriage, etc ... etc ...) do the trick!

Do you think Rob should have Kristen's passwords?

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