Kate Middleton & Prince Harry's Naked Photo Scandals Bring Out Some Royal Sexism (VIDEO)

prince harryMemo to tabloids: Publish topless photos of Kate Middleton and the Palace will sue your ass. But if you want to run with those naked pictures of Prince Harry, be our guest. That's pretty much the message the royal family is sending with its recent announcement that they won't sue over the photos of Prince Harry's nude dancecapades.

Boys will be boys and all that. And anyway, the Prince has more important things to attend to. The Palace press office said avenging the Prince Harry photos would be a distraction from his deployment in Afghanistan, and that it "would not be prudent to pursue the matter further."

Well I think that's a double standard! And it speaks volumes about how differently the Palace sees men's and women's roles. Apparently for them it's still the middle ages.


So because Harry is doing Important Things in Afghanistan, we'll just tolerate his flaunting of his Royal jewels? That doesn't even make sense, first of all. His BEING in Afghanistan is too much of a distraction. I mean, what is he even doing there in the first place? All those people who are risking their lives to protect him so he can act as a symbol -- or something like that? Is that the idea? I guess the purpose of the Spare Heir is to look all virile and British for the sake of morale, and shenanigans with the ladies unofficially play into that.

Oh, but if you are the pure, sacred vessel who may or may not be carrying the Royal seed, you must be protected. The public shall not gaze upon Her Highness' mammaries, for they will one day feed a King or Queen. I'm sure the Palace will sue over the bottomless photos as well. Dear lord, the Royal Birth Canal, exposed!

I'm not saying the Royals shouldn't be suing over Kate's topless (and now bottomless) photos. I'm just saying that since it's the 21st century, they should be more consistent. Either sue over both or don't sue, but having different standards for either gender is just too retro even for them.

Do you think there should be different standards for exposing Royal women vs. Royal men?


Image via NewsFixNow.com

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