Miley Cyrus' Fiance Is Helping Her Kick Her Very Public Addiction

Miley CyrusOh that Miley Cyrus, always stirring up some sort of controversy. In an attempt to ruin her relationship blow off some steam last week, she posted a whole slew of semi-emo messages on Twitter. In 140 characters or less, the tweets essentially said, "I'm a whiny teenager" and "Liam doesn't love me the way I need to be loved every second of every day."

So today's big surprising news? Apparently Miley's too-hot-for-words fiance Liam Hemsworth wants his lady off the popular social networking site. Allegedly, her tweets "really affected him." Awww, Miley, don't make Mr. Hotpants sad! That's so not supportive fiance status of you.

In all seriousness, though, it's probably not such a bad idea, Miley. Maybe if you didn't have Twitter, this whole short shaved head haircut never would have happened.


OK, so maybe that's a bit extreme. But Miley is definitely one of those celebrities who uses Twitter to her advantage. Often, I feel like half of the things she publishes on there are just to get a rise out of her followers. If the singer didn't have nine million+ people watching her every move, she may be less likely to do wacky things to show off to the world. Just saying.

I think it's good that Liam is saying something to Miley about her Twitter habits. A lot of us need that one person to pull us back to reality sometimes. What's published on social networking sites is a free for all. When you're out with friends and family, sometimes you forget that.

Maybe Liam asking Miley to completely get rid of Twitter is a little much. But if Miley really loves her fiance, then she should respect his feelings and lay off a little. At least until she can sort out what's appropriate to post.

Do you think Miley should lay off the tweeting?


Image via jaundy004/Flickr

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