Ashton Kutcher Reportedly Proposes to Mila Kunis, Yet Is Too Polite to Divorce Demi

ashton kutcherAcclaimed thespian Ashton Kutcher is so in love with Mila Kunis that he's gone and done something ridiculous. First, he made her a plate filled with the finest fixin's the Two and a Half Men craft service table had to offer. Then he proposed. As in asked her to marry him. While I'm assuming she said yes to the first thing -- who wouldn't? -- she said no to the second. Actually, correction. She said, "Maybe." And then prob-ably devoured a styrofoam plate of pre-table ready eggs benedict.


Here's the weird story: According to iron-clad news source National Enquirer, Ashton proposed to Mila "in secret", and the reason she responded with a "despondent maybe" is because Ashton needs to get his shit together. Understandable. See, apparently, he's still married to Demi -- if he was ever really married at all! -- and the reason he isn't yet divorced is because he's politely waiting for Demi to make the first move, "out of respect for her."

I mean, I can't really say I'm surprised by Kutcher's behavior. He was a model partner while he and Demi were together. Why should we expect anything less of him during their divorce?

The ol' proposing while you're technically still married move always leaves something to be desired, in my opinion. But honestly? Even if it didn't, I think Mila should say no.

Not only did these two lovebirds just start dating, Ashton cheated on his last wife (and you know what they say about cheaters). Not to mention, Mila's career is mid-ascent into bona fide stardom. (While Two and a Half Men just moved nights. Just sayin'.)

Don't do it, Mila. Change your "maybe" to a "no", and hook up with a nice guy. Like Topher Grace.

What do you think of this crazy celeb gossip straight from Tinsel Town?


Image via david_shankbone/Flickr

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