Christina Aguilera's Sexy 'Your Body' Music Video Makes for a 'Killer' Comeback (VIDEOS)

christina aguilera in your body videoComing off the pop-tastic summer of "Call Me Maybe" has been a bit painful. It feels like there's been a serious lack of hot pop music on the radio this month -- with the exception of one saving grace: Christina Aguilera's new single "Your Body." It's everything you could imagine a comeback single from a reigning pop diva sounding like. A total earworm.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better ... the music video premiered today! Xtina's been teasing the vid for weeks now, and photos of her shooting it, wearing super-skimpy, hooker-rific outfits, made the rounds last month. Judging from those images alone, it seemed like The Voice coach might be really trying way too hard to appear relevant again. But now that I've seen the video, we can safely conclude there was a method to the mesh madness! And it's KILLER!

Check it out ...


Amaaaaaaaazing!!! How abso-freakin'-lutely banging does she look playing this "disturbed freak" chick who's out to axe all these sexxxxy men? And besides how hot she looks, the whole vibe of the video is off-the-wall, cinematic eye candy. The pink explosion, the sparkly pumps, the fuchsia glitter! So much fun!

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Plus, it's one of those videos that has just enough plot going on to keep you hooked. I love me a "Thriller"-esque mini-movie music video, but sometimes, seeing an artist build a quirky and concise plot into just around 4 minutes is even better. Xtina totally accomplished that here with this American Psycho-ish, Pulp Fiction-y homage. No, it's not exactly Gaga's "Telephone," but I still feel like Quentin Tarantino would be proud.

You know, with the flop that was Bionic, I didn't know if Christina could get back to A-list, top of the charts status. But this is a HELLUVA a comeback! Britney, Gaga, Madonna, the whole lot of 'em better watch out, because the "Your Body" video makes it clear -- Xtina is one hot pop star mama who's kicking asses and taking names!

In this cool interview, Christina offers some insight into the making of the video ...

What are your thoughts on the "Your Body" video?

Image via CAguileraVEVO/YouTube

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