Kim Kardashian's Kitten in Action Will Be an Overnight Sensation (VIDEO)

kim kardashian's catBetter read this post real fast because any moment now, the Internet is going to explode. Two of the web's most searched things -- Kim Kardashian and cat videos -- have combined to form the perfect storm of Internet search terms. Much like when a ferocious lightning storm rips through a city or when a swarm of killer bees descends on the plains, when something this immaculate comes along, you can't help but marvel at its splendid yet disastrous beauty. It's the Internet A-bomb and it's possible that in a matter of seconds, your computer will self-destroy. And so, without further ado, here is an adorable video of Kim Kardashian's cat trying to go fishing.


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How cute is this video? Hope your computer survived!


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