Christian Grey Learned His Sexiest Moves From 'Nine 1/2 Weeks'

Mickey RourkeRemember when Mickey Rourke used to look like this? Hot damn I forgot how  sexy perfect he was in Nine 1/2 Weeks in 1986. And another startling thing that occurred to me as I watched the movie for work research was that Fifty Shades of Grey author E.L. James totally stole the idea for Christian Grey from the Mickey Rourke role of John Gray. Yes, even his name! That Twilight thing was just a cover. Watching Nine 1/2 Weeks one rainy bored day, James imagined what it would be like if this "John" character moved on to a younger, more impressionable version of herself, and voila. Million-dollar worldwide literary phenomenon done. Why didn't I think of that. Sooner ...


I'm sure this is not a revelation that others haven't thought of, but the similarities between the S&M loving "John" in Weeks and Christian Grey are uncanny. All the way from his perfectly styled rusty brown hair to that smile that goes into a "straight line." Down to his wardrobe of perfectly pressed business suits, his finance job, limitless wealth, starkly gray apartment overlooking the city. Down to his penchant for crops, belts, blindfolds, and psychological torture. Down to buying his love slave clothes, fascination with food, and having sex in clock towers, alleys, and other crazy places. Want me to keep going? I could ... on and on and on. Please, can I go on?

Mickey Rourke

Um, so, whoever they pick for the role of Christian Grey in that theoretical film should rent the movie and channel Mickey Rourke ... the Mickey Rourke of the '80s. Not the Mickey Rourke of today. Because Jesus. Everyone goes through rough patches and all, but ... Jesus. Is there any way that can be reversed?

It's even more shocking to see Rourke standing next to his co-star Basinger looking like this while the 58-year-old actress looks almost the same as she did when she made the film at age 30. The two reunited recently to promote their new political movie project Black November.

Because this is one of those moments where you quickly need something pleasant to replace the not-so-pleasant image you currently see, there's this. There are so many awesome scenes in Nine 1/2 Weeks it's hard to pick just one, but it's one of the classics:

Aww Mickey. We will always remember you as the lovable and drop-dead gorgeous sado-masochist with regular lips you once were.

Is the Nine 1/2 Weeks Mickey Rourke character TOTALLY Christian Grey or what?


Image via shrek362/YouTube

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