Kate Middleton's Bottomless Paparazzi Photos Are Evidence She's Under Attack

kate middletonThere's good news this morning if you like seeing naked ladies; there's bad news if you're Kate Middleton. New bottomless paparazzi photos of Duchess Catherine have just been published in the Dutch tabloid Se Og Her. They seem to be from the same reel taken of Kate soaking in some rays topless in France about a month ago, only in these pics, you can see a lot more. Poor Kate.

At first, when the topless pics came out, I wondered why the heck Kate would take off her top when there's the risk of being photographed ... then I saw the distance from which the photos were snapped and realized, quickly, that it wasn't her fault in the least. It's no wonder she got naked -- she and Will were the only ones around for miles.


The photographer was so far from their chateau and had such a huge camera lens that there's no way in hell the royal couple had any suspicion that they weren't completely alone. Kate took off her top, she changed bikini bottoms under a draped towel, she did anything any of us would have done had we assumed we were sunbathing, alone, with our husbands.

She didn't have to have her guard up because she's a "princess" and needs to be worried about these kinds of things -- there was literally nothing to worry about. Now, it turns out, there is.

These bottomless photos cross a line. Sure, they're grainy and hard to make out, but the fact that they even exist is terrible. The Palace should sue the Dutch mag, like they did the French one, to continue to demonstrate that there's zero tolerance for this kind of thing.

Because, if not, what's next? Satellite pics of Kate getting out of her bathroom shower? (The Duchess' Nipples Are Clean!) A hidden camera in her toilet? (Waity Katie Wipes Front to Back!) A robot that looks like a squirrel but is actually a camera spy? (Kate Mids Yells at Backyard Birds ... In the Nude!)

I feel sorry for her.

Do you think publishing the bottomless pics is going too far?


Photo via lwpkommunikacio/Flickr

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