5 Ways JWoww's Wedding Will Be an Epic 'Jersey Shore' Extravaganza

JWoww and Rodger EngagedJWoww is, like, the new it girl now that she's confirmed her engagement to longtime boyfriend Roger Matthews. I've been too busy daydreaming about her nuptials that I've even forgot about that trainwreck Amanda Bynes!

Roger's big proposal wasn't exactly normal, so something tells me the wedding isn't gonna be normal either. Get this: her Jersey Shore costar Vinny Guadagnino says that partygoers can definitely expect fist fights at JWoww's wedding. Ha! Of course there will be. 

Hopefully there will be a whole bunch of other fun things too. I'm not just talking fist pumping and pickleback shots. Hell, I'm really pulling for MTV cameras to be there to capture the debauchery, because there's no doubt in my mind that Jenni and Roger's wedding will be one for the books. Here's why:


1. The location: The Jersey Shore bombshell has already said that she would love to have her big day in Vegas. Can you even imagine? I picture the scene clearly. Jenni, Roger, all of the Jersey Shore cast and crew, and 300 of their closest friends and family getting absolutely slammed in a massive Vegas nightclub.

2. The decor: You know pink leopard print will be involved, and it's going to be everywhere. Accents of cheetah, for sure.

3. The jams: Great decor is nothing without great music, which JWoww's mentioned she hopes will be provided by Pauly D. Cue the fist pumping and full-out insanity. If I had to guess, Deena will get another epic knot in her hair from too much shakin' it, and Jenni will have to take a break from the festivities to help her get it out.

4. The bridal party: You know Snooki's gonna be up there as her maid of honor. And wherever Snooki is, there's always a party. WHAT will she wear? OH god. The thought of hot pink bridesmaids dresses is making me queasy. 

5. The drama: Wherever there's The Situation, there's drama. Yeah it'd be nicer for JWoww to celebrate her big day without any added stress, but let's be real, that's impossible for this gaggle of guidos.

Are you hoping Jenni and Roger's wedding is on TV? What kinds of things would you like to see at her wedding?


Image via MTV

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