'Glee' Recap: Even Sarah Jessica Parker Can't Beat That Surprise Ending

Sarah Jessica Parker GleeHoly surprises Batman! Sarah Jessica Parker finally made it to Glee! And that wasn't even the biggest moment of all!

Finn is back! Let me repeat that: Finn is back! And he couldn't have showed up at a better time ... serious spoilers ahead. If you DVR'd this week's episode, beware!


It was student government elections week at McKinley High School, and Blaine threw his name in the ring to challenge Brittany for the top spot. But even Brittany explaining to Sam that she didn't want him as her running mate -- because she was afraid their friendship would be ruined just like Sarah Palin's with her grandpa when she ran as his VP -- wasn't enough to keep the focus on little old Ohio.

After finally finding her sexy last week, Rachel got another boost from Carrie Bradshaw herself to kick this whole "young girl takes the city" dream into high gear. We knew SJP was coming to guest star, but what we didn't know was how she'd fit in.

Turns out she is Isabelle, Kurt's new boss at Vogue(!). And when Kurt decides to take Rachel into the couture vault to try on some new duds and amp up his career in one swoop, she shows up ... and ends up joining Kurt in a mash-up of "The Way You Look Tonight" and "You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" as they make-over Rachel from Catholic school girl freak to New York City chic.

Just imagine SJP as your fairy godmother and you have it pretty much covered.

So, while the grads don't have time to notice their besties back home -- Kurt totally blows Blaine off in the saddest moment of the entire episode! -- the new and improved Rachel is getting herself noticed big time by hunky NYADA classmate Brody. He's laying on the charm, she's forgotten about Finn, and whaddya know? Rachel offers to make him dinner at her apartment, just the two of them alone, after a sexually charged duet of Sheryl Crow's "A Change Would Do You Good."

But of course this is all innocent! The guy helped her put Cassie July in her place, the least she could do was make him dinner, right? Right?

And then comes the kiss we've all been waiting for. She looks up at him with eyes all coated in smokey eyeshadow. He looks down at her all smoldering sexiness. Their faces come together and ... the knock at the door comes.

OK, so you saw it coming once the knock on the door came. It's so formula! But seeing Finn's face on the other side of the door was the kind of drama Rachel Berry lives for! And it kind of blew the whole SJP news out of the water ... which, when has that ever happened?

This is the biggest news we've had all season. Plenty bigger than Blaine winning class president anyway.

Did you watch? Which was the bigger moment for you? Sarah Jessica Parker or Finn's return?


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