Honey Boo Boo May Finally Be Getting the Big Bucks She Deserves

honey boo booIt seems like overnight, Honey Boo Boo and her redneck-ulous brood -- dad Sugar Bear, mother June, and big sisters Pumpkin, Chickadee, and Chubbs -- have taken over our TVs. Fans have known for some time that 7-year-old reality star Alana Thompson is a tiny superstar -- and now, she's finally getting paid like a mini mogul, too! Last week, we heard Alana & Co. were asking for $10K an episode for the second season of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. This week, it sounds like the family has made serious progress with rackin' up extra bank!

Sources tell HuffPo that the family will be getting not one but THREE holiday specials -- dubbed "HOLLAday" special shows, celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And they'll come with a MAJOR pay bump. Beautimous news, no?


Marianne Garvey, star of Oxygen's reality show Girlfriend Confidential: NY -- who is apparently an in-the-know source when it comes to reality TV stars' pay day -- spills:

Yes, they totally get a raise when more episodes are ordered. Usually a contract for reality stars is for two seasons but with blowout ratings, they have the upper hand. They will now get a huge raise.

Another insider says:

There has never been any disputes about compensation. They are now making more than double what they originally made and are very happy about it. They don’t have lawyers or greedy agents fighting to get them more, the network offered them a very generous amount and they were happy to accept.

Well, good for them! But let's not kid ourselves, y'all. This could very well mean the END of Honey Boo Boo as we know it! When the cameras started rolling, they were a lower class, low-income family. (And that's not a judgment -- it's a fact that the average population of McIntyre, Georgia is below the poverty line.) Now that they're going to be making thousands per episode, well, that kinda changes everything, doesn't it? And the fame, too ... 

So, really, it's not out of the question to think that the next move for Alana and her family will be to up and move to L.A.! Mark my words, TLC is totally planning Here Comes the REAL Beverly Honey Boo Boo-Billies as a spin-off or the theme of a season down the road! Not that we won't tune in. I'm sure that compared to season one, watching the family transform into full-fledged reality stars will be equally -- if not more -- entertaining to watch.

Are you happy to hear Alana and her family will be getting a "huge raise"?


Image via TLC

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