Lil Wayne Breaks Billboard Record & Poor Elvis Rolls Over in His Grave

lil wayneIf you live near Memphis and felt the Earth shake a bit today, don't worry, that was just Elvis rolling over in his grave. And if you heard a few gunshots as well, I wouldn't sweat it, that was also Mr. Presley -- he was firing off a round in his coffin. Dude was just letting off some steam, and you can't blame him. Lil Wayne, also known as Weezy F. Baby, just passed him, the King of Rock and Roll, for the record of most Billboard Hot 100 hits.

Elvis held the record with 108 songs for over 54 years, but this week Lil Wayne's collaboration with The Game, "Celebration", got to 82 on the hot 100, giving Weezy a grand total of 109 songs, making him the new king of the charts.

Today might officially be the day the music died.


There are all sorts of qualifiers that might make Elvis fans feel a little better -- 61 percent of the songs that landed on the Billboard 100 were made with other artists. Weezy's a master collaborator and has made songs with all kinds of acts like Juvenile, Destiny's Child, and Birdman. Elvis got on the chart all on his own. Plus, Elvis had some major hits on the radio before the chart was ever established.

But all that doesn't matter now. Lil Wayne's got his title and there's nothing Elvis, nor his fans, can do about it. I guess we'll all just have to accept that Weezy's the new Elvis.

They have a lot of similarities, too. They're both record-setting musicians, they both ... hmm. They both ... I don't know how else they're similar. They both have feet? They both had interesting hair? And who knows, maybe they had courtroom style in common. Hard to imagine Elvis being so disrespectful in a court of law, but you never know.

All we know for sure is that Lil Wayne's on top, and Elvis is trying to shoot himself out of his grave to come reclaim his number one spot.

Look out, Weezy.

What do you think of Lil Wayne's accomplishment?


Photo via deondreaming/Flickr

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