Teresa Giudice Thinks Melissa Set Her Up Plus 10 Other Things She Must Believe

teresa giudiceJust when you thought Teresa Giuidice couldn't get any worse, she goes and tells Us Weekly that it was Melissa who set HER up. She says that Melissa's just trying to play the victim and that obviously Teresa didn't do anything wrong, it was Melissa who orchestrated all of Strippergate to actually embarrass her sister-in-law. I can't EVEN, you guys.

If Teresa really thinks that Melissa was the one that called up her old boss, asked him to run into Teresa, then asked him to call Melissa out for working at a bikini bar, knowing the whole time that everyone would think Teresa was behind all the drama, then Ms. Giudice must also believe these things:

  • You don't have to have money to pay for things -- giant houses and giant vases that go in those giant foyers in those giant houses are free!
  • The shorter and buffer the man, the smarter and more loving he is.
  • The lower the hairline, the sexier the woman.
  • People think it's cute when adult women have the diction skills of a 3-year-old.
  • Fame lasts forever, so does money, and marriage, and ooh! is that another large vase for sale?
  • If Kelly Ripa makes fun of you, it means you're best friends for life.
  • Pre-packaged, full calorie Bellinis are what's been missing from store shelves.
  • Also missing from shelves? More cookbooks!
  • Editing ruins people's lives, people don't ruin people's lives.
  • Santa's coming in about two months!!!!!!!

Can you believe that Teresa is saying Melissa set her up?


Photo via bravotv.com

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