Joanie From 'Happy Days' Is Homeless in Yet Another Child Star Story Gone Wrong (VIDEO)

So much for happy days! Reports are saying that Erin Moran, who played the bubbly Joanie Cunningham on hit series Happy Days and in the spin-off Joanie Loves Chachi, is homeless! Homeless, y'all. Like, without a ... home. Erin has come to this after supposedly being kicked out of the trailer (trailer!) she shared with her husband and his mother. Apparently mom got tired of Erin's "hard partying ways." Little too much rockin' round the clock, Joanie?

Erin was Richie Cunningham's sister on Happy Days and Richie (Ron Howard) is now one of the most successful directors and producers in Hollywood. And Erin is ... homeless. I guess it goes to show you that hard times can happen to anyone, no matter how successful someone may have been at one point. In fact, in Hollywood, Ron Howard may be the exception rather than the rule. For every kid star who goes on to adult fame and fortune, there seems to be lots more who go nowhere or who end up broke or even dead. What a shame.


Happy Days ran for 11 years and was a huge success. I don't know how much money Erin got paid for her role, but it probably wasn't anywhere near what TV stars get nowadays for a hit show. Happy Days reruns can be found on TV all of the time. It's hard to believe, but the cast may not be receiving royalties from this. Or, if they are, it could be extremely minimal amounts. In fact, much of the cast of the show recently sued in order to get payments they never received from merchandising. Just because Erin's face graced a million lunch boxes doesn't mean she saw a penny from it!

This kind of unfair payment system is how a lot of child stars from the '70s ended up broke even after having huge hit series. Remember how poor Dana Plato from Diff'rent Strokes ended up working at a dry cleaners and then got arrested for robbing it?! Of course, a lot of these stars see their money disappear into a drug habit.

I don't know where Erin's money went. Hopefully, with the settlement that just happened over the Happy Days merch, she'll have a bit of financial help coming her way soon.

Can you believe Joanie is homeless?


Image via AOL5mins/image via CBS

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