Amanda Bynes Pleads 'Not Guilty' to Hit & Run Charges Because She's Amanda Bynes (VIDEO)

amanda bynesYou know those two hit-and-run charges for Amanda Bynes? She pleads Not Guilty. (Deep breath.) That's right, not guilty. Didn't do it. Not her. Guilty she is not! She rejects those charges, your honor.

Oh Amanda Bynes. OF COURSE YOU'RE NOT GUILTY. Right? I mean, those little swipes never even happened. They're all just part of some parallel universe you clearly do not inhabit. It's the Matrix, man! We're all stuck in the Matrix, and the reality is that Amanda is a perfectly competent driver. I just don't understand why you all don't see this like Amanda does! It makes so much sense.


No, but seriously, I am not at all surprised. The kind of woman who would swipe another car, pretend nothing had happened, and just keep on driving is never going to take responsibility for her actions. That's the very nature of a hit-and-run. You pretend nothing happened and just keep driving. Maybe no one saw and you'll get away with it!

And look how Amanda's been driving since those two incidents. She faces a DUI charge and driving without a license charge -- they took her license away and she kept on living like that hadn't happened, either. It takes a deep commitment to denial to do that.

But that's at the root of Amanda's troubles: Deep, deep denial. She's having a tough time facing reality, and it's just going to get worse for her before anything gets better. Obviously Amanda has the right to prove her innocence in these charges. All four of them. But she can't keep running from her actions forever.

Do you think a jury will ultimately find Amanda Bynes guilty of the hit-and-run charges?


Image via AOL

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