Kim Kardashian’s Lame ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ Makes Us Wish for a Nip Slip (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian wardrobe malfunction

If anyone can actually start a new trend when it comes to fashion no-no's, it's one of the Kardashian ladies for sure. And after seeing Kim Kardashian's latest wardrobe malfunction while wearing a green velvet dress to her Midori Makeover Parlor event at Fred Segal Santa Monica on Tuesday, it's pretty obvious that exposing your back is even more pathetic than flashing your front.

Kim had some serious cleavage going on in this dress, so it's a miracle that she didn't suffer an unfortunate nip slip. However, it appears as though the frock was a bit too tight, as she was literally popping out of the back of the thing.


Check out this video clip to see more of Kim's little wardrobe mishap -- and to see mama Kris Jenner come to her daughter's fashion fail rescue.


Geez! Did they have to sew her back into that gown? How did they manage to get it shut?

I don't know what's going on with Kim these days, but she can't seem to pull together a decent outfit to save her life. (Yeah, you're right -- I'm sure Kanye West's influence on her style has everything to do with it.)

And if the green dress mishap doesn't convince you that she needs a serious fashion intervention, check out this bizarre gray skort outfit she had going on a few days ago in Miami. (What the heck?!)

If Kim is smart, she'll wake up and smell the coffee and go back to the basics for a while instead of trying out all these new, crazy looks. The last thing she needs is for her luck with wardrobe malfunctions to get even worse -- and I think most of us (besides Kanye) are in agreement that we've seen enough of Kim's exposed body parts for the time being.

Why do you think Kim's style has slipped so much?

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