Emily Maynard's Sexy 'Other Man' May Be Better for Her Than Jef Holm

emily maynard bacheloretteEven though Bachelorette Emily Maynard and fiance Jeff Holm seem to want to make everyone believe they're sooo in love and everything is a-okay, the rumor that Emily cheated over the summer persists. As the story goes, back in mid-August, Jef reportedly uncovered various "salacious" texts -- aka sexts -- between his fiancee and a famous athlete. At the time, we didn't know who the athlete was, but now ... Us Weekly is reporting that it was Oakland Raiders QB Matt Leinart. As his ex-Paris Hilton might say, that's hot!

Okay, okay, sorry, Jef fans, but Em and Matt would make a super-sexy, incredibly good-looking couple, don't you think? Besides ... the fact that she was sexting some other dude -- no matter who he was -- is proof positive something isn't right with this match supposedly made in reality TV heaven.


Relationship experts -- typically those who vouch for cheating sites such AshleyMadison.com -- say although people might cheat because they secretly (or not so secretly) love to stir up drama or have fallen out of love, they're usually straying because they're looking to "fill in the blanks" their relationship lacks. No big surprise there. And not that cheating is really the best way to go about filling in those blanks, but hey, in some cases -- like cough, perhaps where there's a contract involved -- maybe it's the only way to go. Eek.

In other words, it's possible there was something Matt was offering Emily that Jef simply couldn't/wouldn't/doesn't provide. (It doesn't seem to hurt that he is also a single parent ...) And if that's really the case, obviously she needs to re-think this whole marriage thing. Because if Jef is falling short in a way that's causing her to stray now, I don't even want to think about what their marriage might look like!

Why do you think Emily may have strayed?

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