Will Catelyn Stark Get Her Daughters Back in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 3? (Spoilers)

Catelyn Stark Michelle FairleyThere's absolutely no reason to be excited about season 3 of Game of Thrones since it isn't premiering until March 31, 2013. Yet fans are hanging on to every word that comes out of the actors' mouths regarding what's coming up next spring. Of course the actors have been vague and coy, but still, they're hyping up the season, based off of A Storm of Swords, as best they can.

And now that they're in the middle of filming, they can at least give us a little tease on how wonderfully it's going. For example, Michelle Fairley, who plays Catelyn Stark, had this to say about season 3:

"Lots of wonderful things. Brilliant, brilliant scripts. It’s bigger and it’s better. It’s wonderful. It’s been real fun to do."

That means ... well, absolutely nothing. But you won't believe what happens to Catelyn in the third book. Stop reading now if you don't spoilers from the book. Please. You don't want to ruin this one, I promise!


Are you still here? Hopefully if you are, that means you've read A Storm of Swords. Because I can't wait to see what they do with Catelyn and everything she ends up going through.


Of course you know what I'm talking about: The Red Wedding!

In the book, her son Robb's hasty marriage (he was initially betrothed to a daughter from the Frey House to form an alliance, but never went through with it) ends up dooming them all. Catelyn's brother, Lord Edmure Tully, was allowed to wed a Frey daughter in Robb's place.

At the wedding, the Starks are betrayed as warriors in disguise fire upon the guests. They manage to destroy Robb's entire army. Catelyn's throat is cut and her corpse is thrown into a river. Robb dies as well and they mutilate his corpse -- he gets beheaded and they sew on the head of his direwolf to replace it.

But, believe it or not, this isn't the last we'll see of Catelyn Stark ...

Regardless, Fairley said she hopes "that she gets her family back together" in season 3 ... sorry to say, it's actually going to be the exact opposite!

Can you imagine this coming to life on your television screen? Catelyn and Robb are such beloved characters, and to see them eliminated in one chaotic, violent scene is sure to leave people freaking the hell out. I know I couldn't put the book down when this scene was taking place -- to watch it actually happen is something I really don't want to wait for!

I guess this is what Michelle meant by "real fun"? And now I'm desperately wondering if they've filmed that scene yet.

Either way, here is her interview:

Are you looking forward to seeing the Red Wedding come to life? How psyched are you for season 3?


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