Kim Kardashian Should Always Let Khloe Pick Her Man (VIDEO)

kim k spot onWe've said it before and we're saying it again: Khloe is the wisest of all the Kardashians. Okay, the bar for wisdom is not set very high for this family, but still. It's always Khloe who calls her sisters to their senses and speaks truth to Louboutins. Want more proof? Here she is, telling Kim it's time for her to get on "Team Kanye."

Khloe's just spent 20 minutes sussing out Kanye at Kourtney's baby shower, kicking the tires for her big sisters. Her diagnosis: "You guys have, like, history and stuff in common and you guys like the same things." Aww, that's so sweet, Khloe checking out Kim's potential boyfriend! And then we hear it, those golden words from Kim that mean everything.


"I'm really glad that you're so on board because I know your opinion ... You're always, like, spot on with Kris [Humphries] and everyone." This is over the phone from Kim's perspective, so we can't see Khloe's reaction -- but she was probably falling down from the shock. "I've never heard you admit this before," she told Kim.

How can this be? Is this really the first time Kim's ever given Khloe credit for being right? But Kim goes on. "You were right. You ARE right. You are everything to me."

Hold on -- let's cross stitch that on a pillow. Let's put it up on billboards. Khloe is RIGHT. Kim and Kanye have gone through similar situations, they like the same things ... and stuff. Okay, that's a little vague, but I think Khloe's point is that Kim and Kanye have the right things in common that would make their relationship a success -- and so far that's played out to be true.

So does this mean Khloe's in charge now? Because she should be. I think Kris needs to step aside as leader of the family because it's Khloe who always knows best. Except ... that would probably make for a drama-free show.


Do you think the Kardashians' lives would be different if they always followed Khloe's advice on their love lives?


Image via E!/AOL

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