Kristen Stewart's Mom May Ruin Her Chances for a Happy Life With Robert Pattinson (VIDEO)

Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartIn case you haven't heard the good news, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are living together again, which pretty much confirms that their relationship is strong enough to survive something as devastating as cheating. And even though they may be rushing things a bit by sharing a home together so soon after reconciling, they lived together for quite a while in the past, so maybe the transition won't be too difficult for them.

But there may be one small problem with their new living arrangement, because odds are good that Rob moved into Kristen's new beach house in Malibu since he sold the place in L.A. he used to share with her. I know what you're thinking -- a Malibu beach house? What could possibly be wrong with that? And yes, it does seem like the perfect venue for a fresh start, but unfortunately Kristen already has a roommate.


Kristen reportedly purchased the house to share with her mom, Jules, and it would be pretty shady if she kicked her to the curb just because she and Rob are all cozy again.

But if her mom does stick around and hold off on packing her bags for the time being, she could unintentionally put another wrench in Kristen and Rob's relationship. Because let's be honest -- living with your significant other's parents isn't exactly an ideal recipe for romance.

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Even if Rob and Kristen's mom are on really good terms and get along well, sharing the same house brings up a whole host of issues that aren't typically present between a mom and her daughter's boyfriend. I mean, what is poor Jules going to do after the sun goes down and Kristen and Rob want to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie together? Is she going to plop herself down between them with a huge bowl of popcorn and expect them to be one happy little family?

And what if her bedroom is adjacent to the lovebirds? How on earth are they supposed to get in a few good rounds of whoopie in on any given night of the week knowing that mom's ears are constantly listening for moans and groans?

If these two really want to work things out, they'd be better off living separately for a while, or getting a new place altogether and letting mom keep the beach house. Having a third party turn up in the middle of their relationship obviously didn't pan out well the first time, so if they're serious about being together for the long haul, it's time to cut the cord with Mama Stewart before it's too late.

You can hear more about Rob and Kristen moving in together in this video clip.

Have you ever lived with your parents or your significant other's? How did it work for ya?

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