If Kristen Stewart Gets a Robert Pattinson Tattoo, She Has Serious Issues

kristen stewart robert pattinsonThere's no way there isn't any truth to these rumors about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart getting back together -- they're running rampant; and where there's smoke, there's usually fire. So, it's totally plausible that KStew is, in fact, thisclose to getting an RPattz tattoo to prove she's 100 percent committed to her man.

But. Has anyone told her that this is a terrible, terrible idea?


According to beloved sources, Kristen is basically willing to do anything to get Robert back and convince him she's committed to him for the long haul. Understandable. Supposedly: "She's even started talking about getting a tattoo of Rob’s name to show him how serious she is. He says that’s a crazy idea but it did affect him deeply that she would do something so permanent in his honor."

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Don't do it, Kristen! That's the kiss of death! Even Rob thinks it's nuts. You never get the name of the person you love inked on your bod! A design representing your love? Sure. Two wilted flowers intertwined with blood and skull faces dripping out, yeah. But never the name. Major love -- and fashion! -- faux pas.

See, not only does getting a tattoo of someone's name basically ensure that the two of you are going to break up (see Johnny Depp, and my dad), it eventually winds up looking silly -- when you have to cover it up with something else (like "Wino forever", or an elaborate eagle).

Now, I love tattoos. I have tattoos. Tattoos of your kids' and pets' names? Adorable! But it's usually fairly obvious when an ink job is solely for the purpose of covering something else up (which often happens with "boyfriend/girlfriend" tattoos). And it can look a little silly, because it's clear it's not something the person would have otherwise gotten. Also, what's cute and fun to you now might not be in years to come.

I get that Kristen is trying to show Rob that she's so serious about him, and I hat tip her for that, but I think it's probably a better idea to hold off on the ink, and get something like a nameplate or a ring bearing initials instead. (Remember when Brad Pitt wore that "Jen" necklace? Presh.) It may not get the exact message across that she's trying to convey, but if things don't work out (again), she can just take it off. Always think before you ink.

Do you think Kristen should get a Rob tattoo? Have you ever had to cover up a tattoo with another tattoo?

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