Ke$ha Had Sex With a Ghost. I Repeat, Ke$ha Had Sex With a Ghost.

keshaOh, Ke$ha. You ... so crazy. Brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack. Waking up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy. Having sex with a ghost. Wait, whaaaa? Um, yeah, there's really no way to break this to you gently, so I'm just gonna come right out and say it: Ke$ha had sex with a ghost. So she claims. And I don't mean metaphorically, either, like she fantasized about a former flame or had an empty hookup with an ex or any of that. I mean: Ke$ha. Had. Sex. With. A. Ghost. (An anonymous ghost, to boot.)

And apparently we'll get to hear all about this otherworldly one-nighter on the singer's new album, Warrior, in a song called "Supernatural." Says Ke$ha: "It’s about experiences with the supernatural ... but in a sexy way. Well, I don’t know his name! He was a ghost. It was just like ... I had a couple experiences with the supernatural. I’m very open to it."


Uh, yeah. Right on. So anyway, I don't know if Ke$ha goes into great detail about her, uh, experience in the song, but given the somewhat vague nature of her lyrics, I think it's safe to say we probably won't be able to tell one way or the other. Remember, this is the girl whose #1 hit included the following verse:

I'm talkin'
Everybody getting crunk crunk
Boys try to touch my junk junk
Gonna smack em if he gettin' too drunk drunk
Now, Now we goin' 'til they kick us out out
Or the police shut us down down
Police shut us down down
Po Po shut us (down)

Hey, for all I know, "crunk" is a euphemism for ghost sex. Anything's possible when you brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack, I guess (except healthy gums).

Do you think Ke$ha had sex with a ghost?


Image via oouinouin/Flickr

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