Struggling Indie Band Surprised With Their Big Break & You'll Cry With Them (VIDEO)

monsters calling home

This story is just so adorably sweet I nearly cried when I saw the video. Struggling indie folk band Monsters Calling Home is just your classic group of kids trying to make it in the music business. They've been known to do a little couch-surfing while they're on tour because there's just not enough money for hotel rooms. But watch how they ended up with a viral video and an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Monsters Calling Home got their big break last week, and they owe it to their Hondas. Partly as a joke the band recorded a song inside a couple of the members' Hondas. (Those crazy kids!) Naturally Honda caught wind of their stunt and decided to surprise them.


Honda told the band they wanted to book them to play in front of their executives, which sounded pretty exciting to the band members. But just when Monsters had finished setting up on stage and were starting up their first song, they were given some disappointing news: The executives would not be there after all.

Oh, the disappointed looks on the musicians' faces! That was just cruel. But wait -- the story doesn't end there. Instead, Monsters Calling Home would be performing before a national audience on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

What do you say after that? For a low-budget band with no record deal and no studio, this is just beyond. And you really feel like Monsters Calling Home deserves a big break like this. They seem like such sweet kids, and they're just living off their passion for music and their commitment to each other. I swear, watching their story in this video gave me chills. I'm so happy for these musicians. Now seriously -- can someone please give them a recording contract already?

What did you think of Monsters Calling Home's story?


Image via Honda/YouTube

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