Alexander Skarsgard Might Have a Girlfriend (NO!) or He Might Not (YAY!)

alexander skarsgardWhat an emotional rollercoaster of a day for Alexander Skarsgard stalkers fans! I don't know about you guys, but I'm exhausted. First came the rumors about ASkars hooking up with a certain hot Hollywood somebody. Of course my first reaction was to drop to my knees, howling in anguish: NOOOOOOO! Then I thought about it some more, and I decided that if Alexander Skarsgard has to date anyone besides me, he could actually do a lot worse than this certain hot Hollywood somebody (more on the mystery girl in a minute). And since Skarsgard's happiness is naturally of the utmost importance to me, I took a few deep breaths and talked myself into being more accepting (less psycho-obsessed).

THEN came the other rumors about Askars and that certain hot Hollywood somebody being JUST FRIENDS!


No fair!! When will these "inside sources" stop dragging my heart around?! I'm about to have a stroke!

See, here's the deal: According to initial reports, Skarsgard was spotted "getting cozy" with Newsroom's Olivia Munn at the HBO Emmy After Party. Which is totally plausible, not simply because they both have TV shows on HBO but because Olivia Munn is kind of awesome. She's hot, she was a correspondent on The Daily Show, and she wrote a book called "Suck It, Wonder Woman." Need I say more?

But a few hours later, other "sources" said no, they weren't "getting cozy." Munn's boyrfriend Joel Kinnaman is, like Skarsgard, a Swedish actor, and they all just happened to be hanging out together, talking about IKEA and meatballs (kidding!).

And I just don't know how we're supposed to feel about this! Disappointed? Relieved? Jealous? Hungry for meatballs? (Now that you mention it ... )

What do you think?

Would Alexander Skarsgard and Olivia Munn make a good couple?


Image via Nick Step/Flickr

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