Angelina Jolie 'Hepatitis C' Rumor Could Explain Her Skinny Frame

angelina jolie Angelina Jolie's weight -- or lack thereof -- has been the discussion of many entertainment programs, tabloids, and water coolers over the past few years. Her svelte figure and virtually fat-free arms often light up the style-blog scene after the actress makes any red-carpet appearance. And if you don't believe me, and you have some time on your hands, just Google "Angelina Jolie skinny" right now, and behold the articles -- and images -- that come up.

I think most of us assume -- and read -- that Angelina's itty-bitty frame is the result of an extreme diet, or stress, or some sort of weird surgery only available in Switzerland. But turns out, sadly, that it actually could be the result of a really serious disease contracted during her pre-Brad wild-child days: Hepatitis C.


Rumors are circulating -- and you know how rumors are, so, please, take with a grain of salt -- that the mom of six is currently showing early signs of hepatitis C. The National Enquirer (I know) recently wrote: "An exhausted Angelina Jolie is showing signs of deadly hepatitis C -- and friends fear the frail beauty may require a life-saving liver transplant! She shriveled to 95 pounds, recently suffered a terrifying collapse and is displaying classic symptoms of the mostly incurable liver disease. Pals are frightened she picked up the killer virus with reckless behavior during her wild young days -- including heroin abuse."

I mean, yeah, it's the National Enquirer, so odds of it being true are slim, but it does make you think, as the National Enquirer is wont to do: Celebrities are people. Ridiculously beautiful people, yes, but still people. You never know what kind of shit they have going on. Just because they have houses in France, and are always receiving awards for existing, doesn't mean they're exempt from getting life-threatening diseases.

Hopefully Angelina's fine, and this is just some idiotic rumor. But if it isn't, I bet there are a lot of people who are going to feel like crap for things they've said.

Do you think Angelina is sick?

Image via oparazziphotos/Flickr

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