'RHOBH' Disaster Brandi Glanville Thinks She's an Expert on Love

brandi glanvilleWould you take dating advice from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville? If so, you are in luck, m'friend. Brandi's releasing a book about her misadventures in dating that promises to teach us everything we need to know about how to not fall in love and get dumped by that asshole with dimples, Eddie Cibrian. Beyond that, Brandi will disclose her skills when it comes to sending drunk texts and tweets, and may even divulge her secrets about how to bone Gerard Butler.

Even though Brandi's love life has had its rocky parts, she's maintained a sense of humor about the whole thing, and something tells me that this book of hers is going to make a great beach read.


We all know from the show that Brandi's not one to hold back, so I'm sure this book will be chock-full of dirty details about her dating and sex life, and if we're lucky, maybe she'll tell us all the gory aspects of her divorce. I would kind of love to know how Brandi reacted when she found out her husband was sleeping with LeAnn "I'm only famous because I was a good singer when I was a pre-teen" Rimes. I'm sure Brandi had some awesomely choice words for Eddie, and I'd love to hear them.

And hey, listen. There are plenty of how-to dating books out there, but I like that Brandi's is more of a how-not-to. It's important to know the "don'ts" of dating just as it is the "dos," and I think Brandi's book will give us the "don't" info in a funny, self-effacing way that only a drunk Brandi on prescription pills can provide.

Even the title of the book, which fans can vote on, has a tongue-in-cheek feel: I'd Leave Me Too; It's a Breakup, Not Cancer; and Don't Drink and Tweet ... and Brandi's Other Breakup Blunders. You can vote for your favorite via Twitter.

The book will be on shelves in early 2013.

Are you interested in Brandi's book on dating?


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