Russell Brand's 'Compatibility' Rant About Katy Perry Is All Wrong

Russell BrandWhen Russell Brand and Katy Perry split, it wasn't a huge shock. She has made a career in part based on her bubblegum sweetness and he has made one based on his crazy exploits. It was a match made in hell in many ways, and now Brand agrees saying the two split over "incompatibility."

His example was mountain biking. You want to be with a mountain biker if you're a mountain biker, right? Well, yes. But also no. That is one way of looking at love, but there is another old favorite, too: Opposites attract. Personally, I take more stock in that one.

My husband and I are complete opposites. He was raised Christian. I was raised culturally Jewish. He is a scientist. I am a writer. He was an athlete. I was into drama. I could go on and on.


Sure we have some compatible aspects. We both love dogs and babies and wanted plenty of both. We both love horror movies and being active through biking or running races or whatever else.

But our differences are what makes us hot. Sure, our similarities are fun and we love finding shocking new horror movies to scare one another and cuddling up to watch them. But our best moments come when he teaches me something new or I encourage him to read a new book.

We balance each other and expand one another's minds. I think as long as two people have the basic wants and desires from life in common, the rest will come.

The real problem comes when a couple isn't willing to listen to one another or is disrespectful of one another. My own parents had an "opposite" marriage that was at times very hot and loving, but at other times -- like when my cerebral, lawyer dad mocked my spiritual, crunchy, Yogi mom -- seemed kind of wrong.

Still, I would say ultimately "compatibility" means openness to one another's differences and a willingness to try life in their world every once in a while. You learn a lot if you open your mind.

Do you think opposites attract?


Image via kirstyhall/Flickr

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