Latest 'Glee' Spoilers Include a Shirtless Sam & Sarah Jessica Parker (VIDEOS)

Glee Season 4Season 4 of Glee has proved to be pretty monumental so far. I mean, come on, we have Rachel finally following her dreams shakily in New York City, Brittany breaking out of her "I miss Santana" mold to discover herself, and arguably the debut of the HOTTEST hottie ever to grace the show, Jake. Sorry, but does he not totally look like a mix between Barack Obama and Taylor Lautner? Yeah, I just had to say that.

Anyway, this week's episode "Makeover" is sure to be an interesting one. In it, we see what happens when Kurt goes to interview at Vogue and the race for class president heats up. And oooh -- good news! We have some spoiler clips that will make you wish Thursday wasn't more than 24 hours away.

Check out these 3 spoiler clips from tomorrow night's "Makeover" episode:


1. Sam and Blaine are making a run at the class presidency:

Would these two not be, like, the most handsome duo to ever govern a student body? Sorry Brittany, but I vote Saine. Or Blam. I like Blam better.

2. Kurt interviews with the one and only Isabelle from Vogue, AKA Sarah Jessica Parker:

I just love how personable SJP is, don't you? If I were Kurt, I would DIE at the chance to work with her!

3. Brittany and Sam team up to sing "Celebrity Skin" by Hole:

Oh hey, shirtless Sam. Lookin' good!

What are you most looking forward to seeing in tomorrow night's episode?


Image via FOX

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