Emily Maynard Should Be Squirming Over Jef’s Bromance With Arie

Jef Holm & Arie LuyendykIf you caught a glimpse of two former Bachelorette "rivals" in the audience at the Dancing With the Stars premiere last night, your eyes weren't playing tricks on you. Emily Maynard's two final suitors, Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk, Jr. reunited in the DWTS ballroom -- and I don't know about you, but I'm a little worried about their blossoming bromance.

Yeah, yeah, I know -- they got along famously on Emily's season even though they were both vying for her affections so it's not really a huge shock that they took this photo together looking all cozy watching Dancing With the Stars. But now that The Bachelorette is over and Jef and Emily are engaged -- shouldn't Arie be 100 percent out of the picture?


Ok, so I can totally understand them accidentally bumping into each other at the premiere and hugging it out and taking a photo together, but judging from Arie's tweets last night, it almost sounds like they attended the show together -- you know, like a boys' night out or something. Arie was all, "Jef and me this ... Jef and me that." And Jef tweeted about being excited to "chill with his boy." (His boy? What about his fiance?)

It's nice that there are no hard feelings between them, but I'm just not sure it's great news for Emily if they remain super chummy. I mean, Emily was dating both of them at the SAME time -- which wasn't all that long ago. And since we all know guys talk about girls just as much as girls talk about guys, isn't there a pretty good chance that they will compare notes and dish about their respective romances with her?

I know I probably wouldn't be comfortable with my fiance being all buddy-buddy with my ex-boyfriend, especially if it were a recent ex-boyfriend. I'd be way too worried about something being said to hurt my fiance's feelings -- or potentially make him think he made a mistake by proposing.

Hopefully for Emily, this particular appearance was merely a coincidence, and Jef will head back to Charlotte to get back to his daily life with her and Ricki and Arie will go back to doing whatever the heck he does and they won't plan any further reunions -- at least until after Jef & Emily say, "I do." (And there HAS to be a nice guy in Charlotte that Jef can start a new bromance with to fill Arie's void.)

Would you be comfortable with your ex being friends with your fiance or husband?


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