Madonna Calls Obama 'Muslim' & Finally Gets Our Attention (VIDEO)

madonna on stage in washington, D.C. talking about obamaOh, Madonna, Madge, Material Girl! I want to adore her like I did back in the days when The Immaculate Collection cassette tape was all I ever listened to, but she's making it increasingly difficult with every ridiculous thing that comes out of her big mouth. I forgave her for that time when she gave herself the Hebrew name Esther, because suddenly, thanks to the magic of Kabbalah, she was fancying herself a Jewish girl like me. But with her latest moronic statement involving religion, she's truly making me want to gag again. 

While taking the stage in Washington, D.C. recently, Madge went off on a political tear about Abraham Lincoln, MLK, and then, President Obama. I was kinda digging the whole rant until she boiled it down to this: "Y’all better vote for f***ing Obama, OK? For better or for worse, we have a black Muslim in the White House. Now, that is some s***. That’s some amazing s***. It means there is hope in this country." Um. What?!?!?!?


The endorsement part's cool, I guess, but what the heck is she talking about -- "black Muslim"?! There's nothing wrong with that descriptor, but it's simply not true. She realizes that, right? So, was she being satirical, jabbing Birthers and Tea Partiers who don't believe that our current president was born in Hawaii, had a white mom, and is a practicing Christian? Do we just have to face the facts that though her body may still be rockin', in her middle age, she's losing her damn mind? Or perhaps it was just her usual attempt at being intentionally inflammatory to get attention? (If that's the case, she certainly succeeded in a horrendous way ...)

All in all, the episode certainly serves as a "case in point" for why so many people are hugely turned off by celeb endorsements. Usually, I'm all for someone with wide appeal and influence like Madonna speaking her mind and encouraging people to vote for the issues she holds dear. But when she takes that power and twists it, blurting out statements that are not only completely false but utterly irresponsible, I feel like getting on the bandwagon with other voters who wish pop stars like her would just "shut up and sing."

Here's the full Madonna rant with warning: NSFW language ...

What do you make of Madonna's speech and description of President Obama?

Image via dlocke74/YouTube

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