Kim Kardashian's Sizzling One-Piece Bathing Suit Offers Hope to Bikini-Loathing Moms (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianIf there is any question over whether or not one-piece bathing suits can be just as appealing and sexy as bikinis -- Kim Kardashian's gorgeous white one-piece belted suit is definitely proof that less is more when it comes to exposed skin. (Finally -- a celeb who isn't afraid to cover up.)

Kim shared this gorgeous photo via Twitter and captioned it with: "Beach time #MichaelKorsOnePiece."


Kim sported the suit for a stroll along the beach in Miami with her sister, Kourtney Kardashian. They're currently enjoying the warm temperatures in the sunshine state while filming scenes for Kourtney & Kim Take Miami -- and even though there are plenty of women running around in string bikinis (or less) on Miami's beaches, Kim obviously didn't feel pressured to go for a skimpy look.

Aren't you loving the retro vibe she has going on with this suit? She just looks so glamorous -- and you've gotta love the gold belt, which adds an extra element of sass to what could potentially be a fairly boring white bathing suit.

Kim Kardashian is known for her voluptuous curves and for being a verrrrrry sexy lady, so if she can pull off a one-piece and still manage to look amazing, then maybe there's hope for the rest of us too.

The older I get, the less comfortable I feel in a bikini (I hate them), but at the same time, I still feel pressured to pull off wearing one on our summer vacations. It's almost like now that I'm a 35-year-old mom, I feel like surrendering the two-piece for good is somehow a final goodbye to my sexy days -- but maybe, just maybe, switching to one-pieces doesn't have to mean it's all said and done.

Come next summer -- I'm giving the one-piece a shot. If Kim, who isn't even a parent yet, can wear one without looking matronly, then by golly -- so can your average mom from the suburbs.

What do you think looks sexier? A bikini or a one-piece?

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Image via Twitter

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