Toby Keith Surprises Soldier's Wife During Concert With a Tear-Jerking Reunion (VIDEO)

Toby Keith

Anytime I see an emotional reunion between a brave member of our military and their family members, I just can't seem to fight the tears from welling up in my eyes. And if it happens to be a surprise reunion, well, you might as well just hand me an entire box of tissues.

But then there are surprise reunions that go a step further and happen in front of thousands of people -- like the reunion between a wife and her soldier husband that singer Toby Keith arranged to happen on stage at his September 8 concert in Houston.


Right before he performed his hit song "American Soldier," Toby asked if there were any members of the audience who had a loved one fighting for our freedom overseas -- and immediately a bunch of hands pointed to a woman near the front of the crowd. Toby called her up on stage and dedicated the song to her husband, Major Pete Cruise, who was stationed in Afghanistan.

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She was understandably unable to hold back her tears during the emotional performance -- but inviting her up on stage wasn't the only trick Toby had up his sleeve. Take a look at this video clip to see what happened when the band started playing the Star Spangled Banner.

OMG!! Can you even imagine how shocked she must have been to see her husband behind her on that stage? Toby Keith has always been a huge supporter of our military -- but this heartwarming gesture went way beyond voicing his appreciation for all those who fight for our freedom.

And I'm sure all those who were watching the reunion that night will never forget that concert -- or what an amazing man and American Toby Keith is.

What moved you most about this reunion?


Image via TheBobjohnson1984/YouTube

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