Lindsay Lohan Reportedly Rushed to the Hospital & You'll Never Guess Why!

lindsay lohan smokingSo let's pretend Lindsay Lohan is a TV show. You know, like an '80s sitcom-type deal. Are you pretending? Okay, remember how every so often those shows would have a "very special" hour-long episode, like that Little House on the Prairie when Albert got hooked on Doc Baker's morphine or that Growing Pains when Carol's boyfriend (played by a baby-faced Matthew Perry) got killed in a drunk-driving accident?

Well, on tonight's very special episode of The Lindsay Lohan Show, our zany redheaded heroine gets rushed to the hospital -- and you'll never guess why!! (Seriously, this might even be a two-parter!!)


No, this isn't a repeat of last season's big season finale cliffhanger. Tonight's episode of The Lindsay Lohan Show does NOT involve automobiles, theft, drugs, or alcohol. Lindsay Lohan was actually hospitalized for a legit physical ailment, and a potentially serious one at that: A lung infection!!!

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I know what you're thinking -- the writers of The Lindsay Lohan Show must be getting really desperate for ideas! But nope: Apparently Lohan has been battling a nasty case of "walking pneumonia," which recently escalated into a full-fledged lung infection requiring a stay at Mount Sinai. But don't worry -- she was reportedly treated with antibiotics and is now "back at her hotel," probably trying to figure out other places to hide from the cops besides the hospital. (Cue upbeat theme song.)

Don't forget to tune in next week, when LiLo gets kidnapped by aliens! (What else is left?!)

Do you think Lindsay Lohan really had a lung infection?


Image via Kata Rina/Flickr

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