Katie Holmes Calls Joshua Jackson Because, Of Course, Joey Chooses Pacey (VIDEO)

I don't wanna to wait ... for our lives to be ohh-ver ... I want to know right now what will it beeeee ... I don't wanna to wait for our lives to be ohh-ver ... Will it be yes or will it beeeee saw-reeeeeeee? Are the tingles coursing along your spine? You know that opening theme ... you long for it. Every bone in your body aches for it. And GAH! there's not only talk of a Dawson's Creek movie, but of a Dawson's Creek REUNION. Of the Joey and Pacey kind. 'Cause did you hear that Katie Holmes wasted no time after her divorce in calling her old boyfriend Joshua Jackson? They were Robsten before there was Robsten! They were Katson!

And this ain't no two bit piece o' gossip. This is REAL. Cause Joshua said it himself. Katie CALLED him. And they're getting MARRIED!!! Okay, maybe not that last bit. But they talked. That's a start, right?


US Weekly reports that Joshua, who now stars on The Fringe, said that Katie recently called him (called! not texted!) to catch up. The pair had dated before Tom Cruise brainwashed began courting her. Joshua spilled the details of their reunion chat:

Like any old friend, it was like, "Oh, hi how are ya? What's going on?" "I had a kid." It was very nice actually.

Nice, actually? Hmmm ... he must have wanted to keep the tingle-inducing details to himself. Or maybe his beautiful girlfriend, Diane Kruger, was there in the room when Katie called. And she was all, "Joooosssh! Who is that?! Who are you are talking to?!" and he was all, "Um, no one, babe. One of the guys."

And how funny is it that Katie has the most famous child in the world and was like, "I had a kid." Maybe Josh was like, "I bet her name is .... Suri!" and Katie was all, "How'd you know???"

Katie must be taking a serious trip down nostalgia lane with her little black book, as she also reportedly hooked up with ex-fiance Chris Klein post-divorce.

Word has it that Katie wanted to do a Dawson's Creek reunion movie but Tom, that freaky Scientology buzzkiller, put the kibosh on it. Now that he's out of the picture, maybe one will happen. And Joey and Pacey will reunite ... foh-evah! So much better than Tom Cruise, amiright?

I don't wanna waaaait ...

Would you want to see Josh and Katie reunite?


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