Kourtney Kardashian’s Manicure Is Bloody Weird

kourtney kardashianEven if the mention of the media-loving Kardashian clan makes you roll your eyes, you have to admit one thing: they aren't afraid to take beauty and fashion risks.

The latest? No, it's nothing spikey and sky-high or booty hugging this time. Kourtney Kardashian tweeted a photo of her red tip manicure and it says a lot about the busy mom's style.


The one thing I do like about this manicure is how simple and minimalist it looks. I must say, I do prefer it to those acrylic claws some stars sport. This certainly makes more sense for a mom of two. An added bonus -- it can hide the peanut butter and playground dirt that inevitably gets caked under every mother's nails!

Sadly, it's just not as cool as it sounds. I expected something a bit more dazzling and what we got was drab. Of course she gets props for trying something new, but it just looks a little too much like blood under the fingernails to me. Ick! I kept thinking a CSI cop should come and swap under those suckers.

She's not the only star who's into the look though. Rihanna sported the flame-tips in New York recently and many other celebs have opted for a black- or blue-tipped version. Still, an old-fashioned French manicure seems way more chic to me.

What do you think -- is the red-tip manicure a do or a don't? Would you try it?


Image via Twitter

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