Bradley Cooper’s Extreme Hotness Is Killing His Relationship

Bradley Cooper hotZoe Saldana is an absolutely stunning woman who has nothing to worry about when it comes to dating. But now that she seems to be back "on" with Bradley Cooper, one could imagine things will get a little dicey. Let's face it, no matter how beautiful a woman you are, when your man is desired by nearly every other woman, it's hard.

Does anyone remember that Sex and the City episode with Miranda when she is dating that super hot guy and it throws her off her game? Zoe Saldana is no one's slouch, but even the hottest woman in the world can succumb to those feelings of insecurity and distrust. 

Cooper hasn't managed to marry yet. Why? Has he not met the right person or is he perhaps smitten with the amount of attention he gets? Who wouldn't be?


Women have chosen not to date athletes or other highly sought after men just for the sheer fact that they can't take the pressure. It makes sense.

Even in "real" (read: non-Hollywood) life, women who are with extremely hot men have to put up with a lot. I am thinking of one couple I know in particular, and when the wife isn't around, women throw themselves at the husband. I mean THROW themselves. And while he isn't one to have an affair (I think), he isn't exactly punching these ladies in the face when they come near him.

Some women are predatory. It has nothing to do with how much you trust your man and everything to do with other women. Some married men even joke that a wedding ring makes them MORE attractive to the opposite sex. Grrr.

At any rate, as hot as Bradley Cooper is and as much as watching him speak French turns me on, I have to say I would never want to date him. It's just too much pressure.

Dating a hot man can be a real cold shower.

Would you want to date a super hot man?


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