Kanye West's Leaked Sex Tape Could Be VERY Bad News for Kim Kardashian (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

At this point, I really don't think anything will shock fans when it comes to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West -- even the possibility of the girl in Kanye's leaked sex tape being Kim Kardashian herself. Yep, according to a new report, the woman Kanye is seen getting it on with for 20 minutes in his racy video looks identical to Kim for a very good reason -- because it IS her.

And oh yeah, there's one more rumor. Supposedly Kim and Kanye paid a girl named Mony Monn quite a bit of money (six figures) to claim she's the one taking part in the sex tape action -- all for the sake of protecting Kim's reputation in the wake of her divorce from Kris Humphries. (Money talks.)


Kim and Kanye have been chummy for quite some time now, so there is the chance that they were doing the dirty while Kim was still married to Kris. And come to think of it, the girl in the video did mention something about being married and not having sex with her husband anymore. Hmm -- somehow I'm guessing Kim and Kris weren't intimate toward the end of the 72 days of wedded bliss they shared, so it's definitely possible that she was getting cozy with Kanye around that time.

But if she were sneaking around behind Kris' back, why in the world would she go so far as to make a sex tape -- and risk having it get out? Granted, Kanye and Kim seem to have a kinky thing going on, but are either of them really dumb enough to film an encounter right before a divorce? (Let's hope not.)

Regardless of whether the girl in the video is Kim, the more racy stuff that comes out involving these two only convinces me further that they're a match made in heaven. Honestly, who else would want to put up with either of them considering how many skeletons keep popping out of their closets?

Check out this video clip to hear more about Kanye's sex tape.

Do you think Kim is really the girl in the video?

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