Kourtney Kardashian Is Rude to Not Let Kim Buy Her Baby Cute Clothes

kim kardashianBefore we have kids, I think most of us have an ever-so-faint vision of what kind of mom we'll be -- and what kind of baby we'll have. Then, of course, reality sets in, and all our "plans" go out the window. Before I became a parent, one of the things I pictured was my daughter never wearing pink -- not because of a "gender stance" I was taking; simply because I have always hated the color. But when my kind friends and family members started buying my daughter all sorts of pink onesies and hoodies and pajamas, I said, "To hell with it," and dressed my daughter in the clothes people bought her. I thought it'd be nice to actually use the clothes people took the time to pick out, and I quickly learned that clothing is pretty much just another place for babies to pee and poo and spit up on. Also, things usually fit them for about a week.

So this business of Kourtney Kardashian not wanting Kim to buy Penelope Disick clothes -- because they're not the baby's "style"? Ridic.


The normally uber-private Kim opened up during an interview with Fox FM's Matt and Jo Show, and said that she's pretty much been banned from buying her niece clothes. She said: "I don't buy Penelope presents. Kourtney is really picky on how she dresses her. She wants to dress Penelope in a certain way and I don't know what her style is yet so I can't really buy her things."

She doesn't know what Penelope's style is yet, guys. Oh, and did you know Penelope is 3 months old!

As ridiculous and silly as it is, I understand "having a style in mind" for your baby -- it's pretty much how you'd dress yourself if you were a baby, isn't it? But I also think that's something that comes with time. I mean, it's kind of hard for an infant to "dress cool." They're pretty much sleeping or swaddled or in a stroller or a sling most of the time. (And like I said, the whole peeing and pooping thing.) How can they have a style?!

I really think Kourtney should just "let" Kim buy Penelope clothes. As an aunt, I'm sure she would love to purchase adorable things for her niece. Denying her of that fun is a little bit rude, and a whole lot silly. Also, if Kourtney really doesn't like what Kim picks out, she can always use the excuse that it's dirty because Penelope pooped in it.

Did you have a "style" in mind for your baby?

Image via camenachero25/Flickr

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