Amy Poehler Wears Her Little Boy’s Ring as a Sweet & Sad ‘Wedding Band’ (VIDEO)

amy poehlerIt isn't too often that I feel bad for celebrities. I mean, their problems are pretty much the stuff our dreams are made of. Ugh, somebody hit my 7 Series again; my house in Majorca still isn't ready; is this a hair in my Organic Avenue Almond Mylk smoothie? I'd like to speak to your manager. But when they're going through a divorce, my heart goes out to them. Maybe even a touch more than it does for "regular" people. Because not only are they dealing with the pain that goes with a break-up, they're doing it in front of the entire world. Their misfortune becomes tabloid fodder. So when I first saw Amy Poehler on the red carpet last night at the Emmys, I got a little nervous for her. What is she going to be asked? Will she be able to put on a brave front in the wake of her divorce from Will Arnett? Then she opened her mouth and confirmed that she's not only the coolest woman in Hollywood, she's handling things better, and classier, than anyone I've ever seen. Seriously.


Instead of wearing nothing on the finger that used to sport a wedding band, Amy opted to wear a $2 toy ring that belonged to her son. When Ryan Seacrest asked her about what she was wearing, Poehler pointed out the accessory, saying: "[My son] told me I should wear it, and I listen to him."

Seriously, can this lady get any more cute or, moreover, classy? Of course everyone was going to be paying especially close attention to Poehler, as she and Arnett just recently announced their divorce -- what a great way to make light of the subject and defuse the tension a bit? (And, yes, an incredibly sweet thing to do for her son.)

If the Emmys were any indication of Amy's emotional state right now, it seems like she's doing all right. And even if she's not, she's certainly still maintaining her sense of humor.

Check out Amy Poehler on the red carpet. How much do you love this woman?

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