Green Day Singer's Music Festival Freak Out Makes More Sense As He Heads to Rehab (VIDEO)

Billie Joe ArmstrongAfter a bizarre rant at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas Friday, today it was announced that Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong is getting the help he so obviously needs. His rep told the Associated Press that the singer is entering rehab for substance abuse treatment.

Though the band has since released a statement apologizing for the outburst and saying that its set was not cut short by Clear Channel, who was hosting the event, Armstrong definitely thought it was at the time and was irate. He hurled a string of expletives out in front of the crowd and topped it off by smashing his guitar on stage. Of course, someone taped it, and it's been circulating all over the Web this weekend, already racking up close to 1 million views.


In it he said:

You're gonna give me one minute?!" I've been around since f–ing nineteen eighty f–king eight, and you're gonna give me one minute?! You've gotta be f–ing kidding me!

I'm not f–ing Justin Bieber, you motherf–ers! Let me show you what one f–ing minute f–ing means.

It was disturbing, but certainly more understandable in the context of substance abuse. You can watch the whole thing here, but be careful who's around because there a whole lot of eff bombs being dropped.

He definitely looks like a dude that needs some help there, so it's great to see him getting it. Too often we sit back and see report after report of a star spiraling out of control with no help in sight.

His timing couldn't be worse though, as the band is due to release its new album, "Uno" on Tuesday. While the extra publicity might give them somewhat of a boost, the AP reports that they're going to have to cancel some promotional appearances. They're also set to begin their nationwide tour in November, and you have to wonder if Armstrong will be ready to embark on something like after treatment.

Hopefully he'll put his well being first, and get the help he needs no matter how long it takes. Fans may be disappointed if they miss some shows, but that's better than seeing him continue down the dark, devastating path that too many other legendary rockers have traveled.

Are you surprised that Billie Joe Armstrong is entering rehab?


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