Hilarious 'Hunger Games' Bad Lip Reading Exposes Peeta for the Wuss He Really Is (VIDEO)

hunger games"I got the squirts."I don't know if it's the fact that it's a gorgeous, late summer Friday afternoon or the fancy pickles I just ate, but I am in a gosh-darn fantastic mood! And when you're in a great mood, you laugh with ease and with fervor, my friends, which is to say, I just about lost it when I watched this Bad Lip Reading interpretation of Hunger Games. It's better than the Twilight one, it's better than the Michele Bachmann one, heck, the Bad Lip Reading guy should just hang up his hat and retire because he can't possibly do any better than this. I mean, seeing Peeta exposed as the wuss he really is ... it's just priceless.


Oh! And the part with the goat noise, and the squirts part, and that part where Cinna is drunk and hitting on Katniss, and of course the part when Peeta wants to know where babies come from ... it's all so, so, good. Enjoy! And happy Friday, Panemaniacs!

Think this is the best bad lip reading yet?


Photo via BadLipReading/YouTube

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