Blake Lively Gives Ryan Reynolds Something We're All Looking For

ryan reynolds blake livelyRyan Reynolds didn't marry Blake Lively for her unbelievably good looks, her legs for days, her flowing flaxen hair, her fame, her money, or her style ... according to Perez Hilton, Ryan married Blake because she comforts him. Can I get an aw, aw? That's sweet stuff. The source claims that Ryan loves that Blake's on the cover of Vogue one minute and in the kitchen cooking them dinner the next.

OK, OK, who wouldn't want those things in a spouse (a model and a cook? score!), but still, I like this idea about feeling comforted in and by your partner. It's so important, but so overlooked.


Couples who are in love decide to marry for a few reasons. What was it about your spouse that made you decide to tie the knot? Presumably you've been in love before you met the one, so there had to be something that pushed you to make it official. Things like age come into play, same with money, jobs, locations, salaries, education, families ... the list goes on and on.

But at the end of the day, a real day, what matters is how your partner makes you feel, and comforted should be high on the list. Because someone who makes you feel comforted and comfortable also makes you feel loved and appreciated and secure and supported. You can't feel comforted without knowing you've got someone in your corner.

And I think a lot of us are nervous and uncomfortable in our own relationships. It doesn't mean we don't love our partners, but it takes a special connection, a rare click, to make two people feel completely at ease around one another. A lot of stress in relationships can come from worrying what the other is thinking, or being paranoid about their whereabouts, or wondering if they're happy, etc. That's not comfortable for you, for them, for the kids, for anyone.

If you're comforted, you're confident. You're relaxed. You can be yourself. If Ryan and Blake feel this way, it's no surprise they decided to commit to each other for life. Feeling comfort is, unfortunately, a rare blessing.

Do you feel comforted in your relationship?


Photo via Pop Cultre Geek/Flickr

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