'Crazy Amanda Bynes' Might Be Totally Made Up

Amanda BynesI'll just cut to the chase here -- Amanda Bynes is not crazy. She may not be the best driver ... and she might not have the best Twitter judgement ... but the girl is not crazy. Think about it. All of the stories you've heard -- her bizarre behavior at the gym and in the dressing room, talking to inanimate objects -- have you ever seen Amanda do any of these things? No. It's just a story.

At this point, her reputation is so tarnished that we'd believe just about anything, right? Well, what if I told you there's a good chance that these "stories" are highly exaggerated?

Don't believe me? Check out this recent "disturbing" video of Amanda -- it's disturbing all right. But not for the reason you'd expect.


Take a look at this video taken by a paparazzo. I'll wait.

Okay, first things first: Amanda was upset that the paparazzo took an unflattering picture of her. She didn't feel beautiful and wanted him to delete the picture. Um, hello? She's a woman. In a very vain business! I wouldn't want someone snapping pictures of me when I'm not camera-ready either. I mean, she complimented his shirt for God's sake. She was clearly just trying to reason with him. Maybe we don't understand how she feels because the only way we can relate would be if someone tagged a really ugly picture of us on Facebook.

But tell me, what was disturbing about her behavior in this video? She remained calm the entire time. The only thing I find disturbing is when the cameraman yells for her to stop pinching him when she is nowhere near him. So, uh ... how exactly did she pinch him? And what about, "Let me go! What the hell is wrong with you? Stop that!" as she's walking down the street in the other direction.

Did we just catch a liar on tape? I think we did. Isn't it easy to just believe Amanda attacked him? Of course it is. But if we believed every single story we've ever heard, then Jennifer Aniston would have, like, 15 kids by now.

I'm not saying Amanda's a saint, but I am saying maybe we need to lay off her a bit. And let's try to not believe every little rumor. Because this "disturbing new altercation with a paparazzo" is anything but.

Do you think Amanda Bynes is as crazy as everyone is saying?

Image via ET Online

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