'Glee' Recap: Things Are Getting Way Too Hot for High School (VIDEO)

Rachel BerryGleeks, it's all making sense now. Teasing us with a Finchel-free Glee premiere last week was a little awkward. But one bar of Britney Spears out of Lea Michele, and the plan is now coming together. Now that her high school fantasy of happily ever after is gone, we finally get to see Rachel Berry grow up. And I do mean grow up.

Rachel has gone sexy with a capital S-E-X-Y. It all came together with the help of one Britney Spears and her classic (can we call it that?) "Oops I Did It Again" and more importantly -- as far as Finchel's concerned anyway -- the seriously hot NYADA junior she met in the showers in her first week.


So technically it was supposed to be an episode about Brittany. Sad without Santana (more on that later) and still stuck in high school, she was on a downward spiral and in need of a little pick-me-up from the songs of her near namesake, Britney Spears. Cue Britney Week 2.0. Or, as Mr. Schue put it to Brittany S. Pierce, "She inspires you and you inspire us."

But a whole episode of Brittany one-liners -- as much as we've missed them -- was eclipsed by just one Rachel Berry scene. Make that one very hot scene.

Picture it: Rachel in a short black cleavage baring outfit. Sexy Brody. Darky foggy room a la Flashdance. And Oops, this ain't your high school glee club performance. Grab a fan, and watch this:

See what I mean? That's not the Rachel Berry we've been watching wander around Ohio in her knee socks and headbands for the past three years.

The fact that the hot guy giving Rachel moisturizing tips in the middle of the night was straight may have been a little doubtful last week, but after watching Brody hump her (well, through a table), it's official. This guy is about to put Finn out of business for good.

And speaking of Lima lovers gone kaput, it looks like Rachel isn't the only one who's moving on. The episode closed out with Brittany still sad and staring at an empty Skype screen ... because Santana wasn't answering. We've been hearing that at least one Glee couple would end their relationship this season, but I know I'm hoping they meant Finchel ... and Brittana can regroup. How 'bout you?

What do you think of the new and sexy Rachel Berry?


Image via GleeonFox/YouTube

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