Adorable Emily Maynard Misses Jef When She Goes to the Potty

emily and  jefI mean, let's just get right to it. Emily Maynard says she misses Jef Holm when she goes to the bathroom. The Bachelorette told E! that she and her winner/fiance never get on each other's nerves and could spend 24/7 together, because when she takes that minute or two to go tinkle in the toilet (because, please, Emily Maynard does NOT poop), she totally feels lost without him. Aw? Eww? I'm not sure how to react.

But I am sure of one thing -- this will never, ever, ever last. Jef and Emily better hope they start getting on each other's nerves, and soon, because codependency isn't just a river in Egypt.


As soon as you start relying on another person for your happiness, you are in big old trouble. Sounds like Emily and Jef need to make sure that they can live without each other before they decide to live with each other, forever.

Because there's a big difference between having to live with someone (because they are the only source of your happiness) and choosing to live with someone (because they are a source of your happiness). Putting all your happy eggs in someone's basket is never a good idea because, inevitably, they will go on trips, they will have other plans, they will, wait for it, have to use the bathroom on occasion, and will, gasp, shut the door.

I'm sure Emily wasn't serious when she said she misses Jef when she goes potty, but still. The fact that their joy is so intertwined right now is just slightly alarming. I suppose they're still in their honeymoon phase, but soon enough, if Jef and Emily end up staying by each other's sides day in and day out, that's not going to be good for anyone.

Well anyone who isn't making these, that is, because wow, sounds like the Maynard-Holms clan could really use one.

Do you think Jef and Emily are too codependent?


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