Lea Michele's Solo Album Can't Make Her a Pop Star

rachel berryWe Gleeks are more than satisfied with our fill of Glee now that the fourth season is in full swing. But that doesn't mean we wouldn't love to see even more of our fave cast members. Looks like that's what some top music execs are hoping, too, being that Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, and Amber Riley have all reportedly sealed solo album deals!

Rivera signed with Elton John’s music management company, and she’ll be releasing a sexy dance-pop track titled “My Heart” as her first single, while Riley has an R&B album in the works (no official release date either). And as for Rachel Lea Michele? She broke BIG news via Twitter yesterday, tweeting, "Just had a very exciting music meeting and am proud to announce that im officially on the road to making my first album! I'm so excited!" Aww! So are we! But, hrmm, will the rest of the world be?


What I mean is ... will Lea, Naya, and Amber have a real shot at climbing the charts? Being played on top 40 radio? Going all Carly Rae Jepsen on us? In other words, morphing into legit pop stars? Even though Lea Michele's recipe for solo album success ("songs where girls can just roll down the windows of their car or dance around in their rooms in their underwear, like, 'I hate my ex-boyfriend!' or 'I'm so in love!'") sounds awesome, I'm not so sure.

Maybe it's because they've all become so well known as Glee stars -- Lea, of course, is also known for her Broadway work -- but I worry there's a chance they've pigeonholed themselves. That people may only see them being successful in that context. It's been very hard for TV and stage stars to crossover and be pop stars. You don't have to go that far back to see it doesn't really work very well -- just look at the High School Musical kids or even Miley Cyrus. Not too many hit singles comin' outta that bunch.

Nonetheless, maybe Glee stars all have a secret weapon ... Gleeks. Some of us will download just about any song they're singing! Guess we'll just have to wait and see if that translates to pop stardom.

Are you looking forward to the Glee stars' solo albums? Do you think they'll be able to compete as pop stars?


Image via FOX

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