Giving Kate Middleton a Fake Baby Bump Is Just Flat-Out Gross

kate middletonIf I were a betting woman, I'd put money down that if you went to Target or CVS or anywhere else that sells lots of things you don't need but think you do, you'd find a tabloid with some female celebrity's picture splain across the cover, along with an accompanying headline, claiming she's "pregnant." You could probably wallpaper your bathroom with Jennifer Aniston "pregnant" covers alone. But you probably always take these rag covers with a grain of salt, right? (As in definitely don't think they're true.) However, super sleuth skills aside, did you ever think they actually went as far as photoshopping pictures to make it look like a celebrity was sporting the faintest of baby bumps? I didn't. But looks like Star may have done just that to Kate Middleton.

And she thought those topless photos were the biggest invasion of privacy this week.


Okay, so the long-lens topless pics were worse, but this is pretty low. Blogger Naughty But Nice Rob noticed the could-be photoshop job, and posted the picture -- along with the "real" Kate picture -- over on his Twitter. There's no saying for sure -- and I'm sure Star magazine would deny the allegations -- but it certainly looks like a mini-bump was added.

This is how magazines sell. I get that. But when things start crossing over into photoshopping territory (if they did [they did]), that'd be a little bit cray. The Duchess -- and all of these celebrities -- are public figures, so yeah, their photos are going to be taken and rumors are going to abound about them. But surreptitiously shading in an itty-bitty maybe bump with computer magic really takes things to a new level. Yuck.

What do you think of this? Do you think Kate's bump was photoshopped?

Image via Star Magazine

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