Scott Disick Wears Sweatpants in Public & It's a Sign of the Apocalypse

scott disickMy eyes, my eyes! Scott Disick has been photographed wearing sweatpants. I repeat: Scott "pocket square" Disick, spotted wearing honest-to-god sweatpants. Not only that: He was wearing a faded t-shirt and a freakin' baseball cap. And what is that stuff on his face? OMG, it's HAIR. And all this time I thought he'd gotten that lasered away. What the hell is going on?

May I also point out that these are not flattering sweats but BAGGY-ASS sweatpants at that. He looks like a total schlub. This is so unlike Mr. Cravat. Is this a sign? Does this meant the world really is coming to an end? Was it opposite day? Did some Patrick Bateman fanatic rob Scott's closet? IS THIS EVEN THE REAL SCOTT DISICK?


I almost said, "Is Scott Disick about to paint a room?" but that's even more unrealistic and ridiculous than the world coming to an end. Haha, obviously not that! Okay, but really. It's just weird to see the Disick dressed so casually. Even when he's hanging out with the fam on the weekend, he dons just the right plaid button-up like the dandy that he is.

But maybe this is the new stylin' guy thing to do. After all, Revenge's Gabriel Mann and Joshua Bowman were at a GQ-sponsored party saying their "weekend style" is sweatpants. SWEATPANTS. At a GQ-sponsored event! (Do you know what I'm talking about? Revenge, the ABC drama? You HAVE to watch it. I'm just saying.)

I know the average schlubby male loves him some grubby sweatpants, but if this becomes a trend for well-dressed guys, too, that's just gonna made me all kinds of sad. Guys, at least wear some fitted sweatpants! You know -- the way we ladies wear butt-loving yoga pants? Maybe then I wouldn't mind so much.

What do you think of guys in sweatpants -- perfectly acceptable or depressingly sloppy?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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