Donald Trump Says Kate Middleton Is to Blame for Topless Pics

donald trump

It's clear that Donald Trump doesn't have one ounce of sympathy for the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate Middleton is in the midst of a mortifying topless photos scandal and the billionaire businessman says the royal mess is all her own fault.

Forget the fact that the pics of the new bride sunbathing were taken from far away and without her knowledge. His recent -- and surprisingly nasty -- tweets proved that The Donald doesn't care about Kate's privacy.

The Apprentice star posted September 17:donald trump tweetIncredulous right? Oh, but there's more. He went on to write,

donald trump tweet Real nice Donald. Let's blame the victim. Kate was on vacation with her husband, at a private residence. She wasn't parading around some public beach in the buff. That photographer and that French magazine that published the pictures had no right to invade her privacy like that.

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According to this logic, we should blame kidnap/ransom victims for being too rich or mugging victims for carrying too nice of a purse. I wonder if Donald would have displayed the same pursed-lipped arrogance if it had been one of his daughters?

Do you think Donald is right -- is Kate at fault for the topless photos?

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